March 29. Reading and Leading Up to Easter. John chapter 4

Wednesday, March 29          John 4

Resurrection of a Lost Cause

Most of us know individuals for whom life has simply been rough.  They have had a tough life, and it has taken its toll.  They may have brought it on themselves by bad decisions, or perhaps they just had a bad hand dealt to them by a difficult upbringing.  As a result, they are a mess.  The world might call such a person “a lost cause.”  They might right now be sitting in a prison cell, or, at least, they live daily in the chains of personal spiritual bondage.

That’s the case with a Samaritan woman who met Jesus in John 4.  She had virtually nothing going for her.  She was Samaritan (that’s a black mark in the eyes of the Jews).  She had repeated failed marriages and sexual liaisons.  Lastly, she was a woman.  That was actually a negative in that Middle Eastern culture.  She came mid-day alone to a well.

Jesus loves lost causes.  In a preview of His own resurrection, He brought life and hope to this seemingly forgotten insignificant woman.  Jesus looks for dead people in whom He can show His power – lost causes He can resurrect.

There is not greater joy than life birthed out of death.

Remember today how Jesus brings new life to a person even like yourself.

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