Cursing to Blessing

“One Year Bible” Old Testament History Passage
II Samuel 15:23-16:23 (for May 30)

“It may be that the Lord will look on my affliction, and that the Lord will repay me with good for his cursing this day.”  II Samuel 16:12 (NKJV)

David found himself in a place where it seemed EVERYTHING was going wrong.  His son, Absalom, had turned against him and instigated an insurrection.  David was now fleeing for his life — losing everything he held dear.  To top it off, a man named Shimei comes out cursing David and throwing stones at him!

We have all faced seasons in which we are continually met with difficulty, loss, and even rejection.  At least it seems that way.  We do not know the thoughts that ran through David’s heart as all this took place.  We only know that this great warrior was in deepest distress.  Scripture says that as he escaped, he walked up the Mount of Olives weeping and barefooted with his head covered with a shawl.  This is not the picture of a victorious king.

I think David was reflecting on how he had brought all this on himself by his past sins.  He felt that he “had it coming.”  I believe that God completely forgives us of our sins as we ask and confess.  However, there are times when the CONSEQUENCES of our sin that we must endured.  David felt this truth that day.

How we respond to God’s disciplines and dealings is so important.  David stayed humble before God.  He did not rise up in rebellious anger or self-justification.  Nor did he descend into dark depression.  He kept his focus on the face of God.  He LOOKED for the day that God would turn his mourning into dancing.  He looked for the day that his affliction would be replaced with blessing. 

Because of this, even at the lowest moment, David could walk in strength.  It is the Lord who turns our days of cursing into days of blessing.  May we today keep our eyes on Him to that end!

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