A House for the Lord

“One Year Bible” Old Testament History Passage
II Samuel 7:1-8:18

“Now therefore, let it please You to bless the house of Your servant, that it may continue before You forever; for You, O Lord God, have spoken it, and with Your blessing let the house of Your servant be blessed forever.”  II Samuel 7:29 (NKJV)

As David settled into his role as King of Israel, he found one thing lacking.  The Tabernacle was still housed in a tent.  He as King found himself to be surrounded by wealth and finery, but the Tabernacle and particularly the Ark of the Covenant was still in temporary accomodations.

He resolved to build a house for the Lord.  God’s response was interesting.  In short, God said, “I don’t need man’s furnishing.  I can operate according to My own fashion or desire.”  He went on to say that instead, He would build David a REAL HOUSE. 

God is glorified not in the monuments we build to Him.  He is glorified in the sons and daughters we raise up to follow Him.  The word “house” means two things in this passage.  First, it means the physical structure in which a family resides.  Second, it means the heritage or realm of influence that surrounds us.  God is more interested in the second than the first.

The true sons and daughters of Abraham, of David, and of THE LORD, are those who carry the calling, the commission, and the faith of the King.  This is the aim of God in your life.  The work of God is to TRUST Him completely.

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