Pass Over

Exodus 12:14 – 13:16

There are really TWO “passovers” in this passage.  The Lord passes over and the death angel passes over.  The imagery of this Old Testament Feast is rich.  It points toward Jesus and the Cross.  But it also points toward the APPLICATION of what Jesus did on the Cross.  It is not just the message of what Jesus DID for us, but also how we are to APPLY His Cross to our lives.  We could spend much time here, but today I’ll just point out a couple of things.

The blood of the sacrifice was applied BY HOUSEHOLDS.  Whether you are single or married, have no children at home or have multiple generations in your house, there is an important truth in Scripture about your house.  You can pray over your home and declare the power of God’s presence over your home.  Each one of us needs to do this regularly.  Walk through your home and declare that “this place belongs to Jesus!”

Secondly, there were in this Scripture really two “pass overs.”  Exodus 12:23 speaks of the Lord and “the destoyer.”  The destroyer is obviously the death angel, or the devil.  Both will pass over your home.  Another translation of the word “passover” has been “flutter over.”  In other words, if the blood of the sacrifice is on the doorposts, the Lord will “flutter over” your house and cause the destroyer to “pass over” — not enter.  If, however, the blood of the sacrifice is NOT on the door post, the Lord will “pass over” and the destroyer will “flutter over” your house — enter and destroy. 

I am blessed to know that today the Lord is “fluttering” over my home.  Because of what Jesus has done, I can stand believing the the words of Psalm 91: “Because you have made the Lord your refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling.”  (Ps. 91:9-10).

This takes place because we call on the name of the Lord.  Today, by your confession, APPLY the blood of Jesus to your “door posts.”  There is protection and power in the Name of Jesus!

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