God Calling

Exodus 4:1-5:21

What do you do when God makes a house call on your life?  When He MAKES a call, He also GIVES a call — that is, a calling.  People often think that only special people have some sort of calling.  But, the truth is that God pays a visit to every man or woman and when He comes calling, He also has something to say to you.  It is about your destiny — His purpose for your life.  There are no insignificant people in the Kingdom of God.

Moses is one of the central figures in the story of God’s redemptive plan.  He along with Abraham, David, and a handful of others dominate the landscape of the Old Testament.  Therefore, we can draw lessons from his life concerning how God deals with a man.

This passage tells how God confirmed and initiated Moses’ calling.  God gave Moses three signs to confirm his calling:

1. A rod that turned into a snake
2. His hand that turned leperous then turned healthy again
3. Water that turned to blood when poured on dry ground


The rod is your authority.  The hand is your ability.  The water is your vitality.  Every person needs these three to do what God calls them to do. 

You must operate in divine authority.  That is, you must know who God is and who you are in Him. 

You must have gifting and ability — skills.  This is somewhat obvious.  It is somewhat like a carpenter having the right tools for the job.  Very important!

Lastly, you must have spiritual energy.  You can only get this from God Himself.  You get it by staying close to Him in all areas of life.

One last note, in each of these three there is a down side, so be careful!  The rod CAN BECOME A SNAKE.  Don’t let your authority be used the wrong way.  The hand CAN BECOME UNHEALTHY.  Don’t use your abilities to produce hurt.  It happens far more often than we think.  The water must be poured out.  If it stays in the river, it is nothing but water.  But if it is poured on DRY GROUND, it becomes blood.  It becomes redemptive. 

These lessons would guide Moses’ life in the years to come.  They also should guides our lives today.

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