The Burning Bush

Exodus 3:1-22

One of the most vivid images in the entire Bible is the dramatic picture of a man standing in front of a bush that burns yet is not consumed.  Fallen man is encountering Eternal God! 

When Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, an angel was stationed at the entrance of that garden holding a flaming sword to guard and prevent wrong re-entry to that place of communion with God (Gen 3:24).  As Moses stands before this fire, we find that the path is beginning to be re-opened for fallen man.  Salvation and communion do not begin with man seeking God, but with God seeking man.  He is by nature a redeemer.

Three things leap out to me from this passage:

1.  God came to Moses.  He called him.  He signaled to him that He wanted a relationship with him.  How is God signaling to you today that He wants a closer relationship with you?

2.  God told Moses His name.  This is more that a simple handle by which to call God something.  His name entails His attributes.  God told Moses about Himself.  Any encounter with God should not just make us happier or meet our needs.  It should lead us to KNOWING GOD BETTER.  What is He like?  What are His characteristics?  How much are you today getting to know God better?

3.  God had something for Moses to do.  He was sending him back to Egypt to lead Israel out of bondage.  Knowing God is never just a philosophical or intellectual pastime.  It is never simply an internal experience.  It always leads to some action — to some purpose.  As you fellowship with God, what is He telling you to do?  How is He unfolding His purposes for your life?

Exodus 3 is one of the most fascinating and exciting chapters in the Bible.  God reveals Himself as “I AM!”  That means that He is the meaning and substance behind everything.  HE IS!

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  1. Dee Nance says:

    Powerful,Bob! Thanks!

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