The Power of Blessing

Genesis 48-49

Our words are powerful.  They have the ability to build up or to tear down.  They have the ability to encourage or to defeat.  One of the consistent themes throughout the Bible is the power of spoken words.  With the mouth, we have the ability to both bless and curse.  Many a child has suffered under the cruel words of an angry father spoken over him or her.  “You will never succeed.”  “You are …………”  (You fill in the blank).  Many a man or woman has spent a lifetime trying to undo the bad words spoken over them by a misquided parent.

There is, however, also the power to bless.  Jacob does so in these verses.  The Hebrews actually believed that these blessings had “sticking power.”  And they did!

What words are you speaking today?  …to family members?  …to friends?  Remember, in your mouth is the ability to build up……or tear down.

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One Response to The Power of Blessing

  1. Dee Nance says:

    Yes…life and death in the power of the tongue.

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