The Battle for Truth

“One Year Bible” Old Testament Passage
Daniel 8:1-27

“…and he cast truth down to the ground.” Daniel 8:12 (NKJV)

Daniel is an amazing book. It, along with The Revelation, tells us much about the spiritual battle surrounding the end of our world. We can draw valuable instruction and inspiring lessons from the stories and visions of this small prophetic book.

Daniel prophecies the great battles we are fighting today. Perhaps the most crucial is the battle for truth. All Christians should be champions of truth and truthfulness. There is an incredible deception at loose in our world today. False and empty philosophies fill our culture. But we are carriers and custodians of the which Francis Schaeffer called “true truth”.

That truth is rooted in the reality of God our Creator. It is embodied in the Person of His Son. It is the wisdom by which this world was created. All facts, sciences, and verities flow out of and are in agreement with God’s Word.

Today, you can lift up and walk in that which our spiritual enemy seeks to cast down. You can abide in the Truth.

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