Knowing God Better

Exodus 5:22-7:25

The first nine verses of Exodus 6 are quite amazing.  Moses is in a tight spot.  He has obeyed God and gone back down to Egypt to bring the children of Israel out of bondage.  He went to Pharoah and demanded that the people be set free.  Pharaoh says simply, “I think I will not!”  In addtion, the demands of Moses stir Pharoah’s anger to the point that he makes life tougher for the children of Israel by adding to their work load.  It seems that things aren’t going well for the plan of God, and Moses cries out.

God’s reply is, of course, classic.  He says, in essence, “You need to know Me better.”  To paraphrase, God says to Moses, “In the past you knew me as the Powerful One.  Now you need to know me as the All-Sufficient One.” 

In the passage (Exodus 5:1-8), the unfolding revelation of God in Scripture takes a quantum leap.  Five times in seven verses He repeats His name “I AM” (see Ex. 3:14).  Then, on the basis of WHO HE IS, in the space of three verses, SEVEN times He says, “I will….”

On the mountain of God in Sinai, Moses had found out that God’s name is I AM.  In Exodus 6, Moses began to find out what that means.  This is wonderul.  Knowing God is not just an exercise in philosophical ramblings.  It is a relationship with the God Who Is — the God Who Acts.  Out of His being, He makes covenant promises.  And He never fails in that which He promises.  THIS IS HOLY GROUND. 

And the best part, we are invited to walk on this ground today.

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