Genesis 44:1-45:28

Jacob thought he had lost everything!  But all along, God was making plans and provision for his care.  It seemed to Jacob like everything was against him.

Have you ever felt like life has robbed you?  Have you ever felt like the devil has stolen from you things that God wants for you?  Jacob was convinced that many things dear to his heart were long gone. 

Imagine the shock when he found that not only was his son still alive, but that Joseph was now the ruler of Egypt!  It was good news beyond his wildest dreams.  Scripture says in I Corinthians 2:9-10 that “eye has not seen, nor ear heard…the things God has prepared for those who love Him.”  Our destiny is wonderful.  It is full of His provision.  Even now, He is working in our behalf.

We are on an eternal journey toward full restoration.  God has promised that resurrection power works in us to bring us back to His creation purposes and glory.  It is fantastic. 

One interesting statement is made by Joseph to his brothers as they prepare to return to Canaan to tell their father, Jacob, about this restoration.  Joseph tells his eleven brothers, “See that you do not become troubled along the way” (Gen. 45:24).  This is a word for us.  We have found out about all the good things God has prepared.  Now we are walking it out.  We have to walk through this world that is full of twists and turns in the road.  It is easy when you’re traveling to forget the original instructions and become distracted from your destination.  We can become troubled along the way.  Instead, we must stay on course.  We are heirs of the Kingdom of God, on a mission of restoration.  This is our true identity and our true destiny.

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  1. David Moore says:

    Perhaps Job is an example who was given instructions and was not distracted in the long and arduous task of building the ark.

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